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“I first became interested in installing solar panels three years ago when I toured a home in Chula Vista, CA that was powered by them. It was amazing to see an electric meter running backward, selling power back to the power company. Green Electric Solar Solutions were able to patiently and thoroughly answer all of our questions, making technical concepts very clear. Their evaluation of our roof was more thorough and logical than anyone else’s, but their flexibility when it came to meeting our specific needs was the tipping point for us. It was also very important for us to choose a company that was just as committed to the environment as I was.”
– Jason K of Chula Vista, CA
“Green Electric Solar Solutions fulfilled all the promises they made. A project like this could be a little daunting, but all issues relating to each phase of the project were resolved efficiently by their personnel. For example, when we were told to expect our tax credit, it was in our account within three days. Not only is solar the right thing to do for the environment, it is the right thing to do financially. Our last two bills were $0.00 and that is the best news of all.”
- Tony S of Oceanside, CA
"My last electricity bill was $8.75. I didn’t expect to see my electricity costs drop so quickly! My neighbors are wide-eyed when they hear about my electric bill. After only seven weeks of being solar, we had a 58kWh surplus. And with the sunny weather we’re having, it will only get better!"
- Mark L of National City, CA
“When Green Electric Solar Solutions came to our home, they ran the numbers and we saw that going solar could be a great way to hedge our future against inflation, especially with energy prices increasing. It looked like common sense. My husband is very thorough in his research. We’re both engineers and we got totally into the details and analyzed the trade-offs on cost versus power generated.”
- Janice M of Rancho Bernardo, CA
"Green Electric Solar Solutions has the best reputation and gave me the best payback. They were upfront about everything, honest about the details, and were pretty flexible in working with me on the design and how the panels were fitted on the roof. The installation itself took only a day and a half. They were very professional. They came, they installed and they made it effortless and trouble-free. I come out ahead of the game financially, plus I contribute to keeping our planet greener.”
- Nathan G of Santa Ana, CA

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